Ladies Ancient Order of HiberniansBrigid McCrory: Division 25

Philadelphia, PA

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Division 25 was founded on February 22, 2001 by 72 interested Irish Catholic women. At first they were all strangers to each other but, through the connection of the Division, have created life long friendships.

The 72 founding members voted and named the Division after Brigid McCrory, the Carmelite Sister who was born in Ireland and devoted her life to serving God and others.  (See "Who Is Brigid McCrory" page)

The McCrory family Coat of Arms includes blue (symbol of loyalty and truth), green (symbol of hope), bright yellow (for generosity and elevation of mind) and white (for peace and sincerity).  The motto underneath the crest reads in Latin: Res, non Verba (translated into English: “Deeds, not Words”).

Our division strives to follow the LAOH motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity as well as the motto of the McCrory Family Coat of Arms: 
Deeds, Not Words. 

We welcome those who wish to live by these mottos and join us as we attempt to make a difference in the lives of our members and the lives of those around us.